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WUA all-time faveZ

WUA all-time faveZ

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As a prelude to the #WUAinNigeria series beginning next week, here’s a compilation of some all-time favourite clips. Ikenna gives a birthday shout-out to Zim’s now 89-year-old President Mugabe. Nigerian 419 scammers get scammed themselves. publishes crazy (if not downright racist) fluff on Chinese-African relationships. And, last but not least, we meet Africa’s response to New Jersey hair-rocker Jon Bon Jovi.

Waza producer Ikenna Azuike presents What's Up Africa: a weekly entertainment video blog on what's hip, creative and making the news in the continent. Ikenna is on the look-out for Africa's innovators and cultural creatives, so if you have a hot top, get in touch with him via Twitter or Facebook.

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