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Drug abuse in Africa  
Drug abuse in Zimbabwe

Young drug addicts in Zimbabwe

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In recent years, the use of drugs has been on the increase among youths in Africa. Marijuana, glue, nyaope (South African street drug), cocaine and bronchodilator (a lung medicine that contains codeine and alcohol) are amongst the substances being used by young people. But are users aware of the effects these drugs have on their health and behaviour? And how does the drug culture affect society?

In this week’s edition of Speak UP!, two young men from Harare, Zimbabwe share their stories. Denver, who is unemployed, tells about his marijuana addiction. And TK, a former cocaine addict, who only managed to kick his habit after he fell sick and his wife left him, explains how he is doing his best to help his friends in cleaning up their act.

Speak UP! is an audio show in which young Africans discuss thorny social issues without pulling any punches. It is created by a selection of young hosts and producers in Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Rwanda, Nigeria and Kenya, working in partnership with local media organizations and RNW. Each edition of Speak UP! provides YOU with a chance to express yourself – because everybody wants to be heard.

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