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Whatsapp addiction  
Whatsapp addiction

WhatsApp, yo?

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It’s nearly five years old, but WhatsApp has taken Africa by storm with millions of users on the continent. The instant messaging app for smartphones can be addictive. But does all that time people spend WhatsApping get in the way of their ability to work and to sustain social relationships? Now that you can simply tap away on your screen, what’s the point of hanging out?

In this week’s edition of Speak UP! we explore the effects of this constant connectivity. From a guy who has to interrupt his shower with a quick hand dry to check for new messages, to a woman who had to go on a digital diet to save her sanity, we hear how WhatsApp is altering young people’s everyday lives.

Speak UP! is an audio show in which young Africans discuss thorny social issues without pulling any punches. It is created by a selection of young hosts and producers in Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Rwanda, Nigeria and Kenya, working in partnership with local media organizations and RNW. Each edition of Speak UP! provides YOU with a chance to express yourself – because everybody wants to be heard.

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