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How much of your life should be on social media?  
How much of your life should be on social media?

How much of your life should be on Facebook?

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Facebook is clearly Africans’ social medium of choice. And with an estimated 51 million users on the continent last year, the network has changed a lot about how we interact with each other. It’s opened up many new possibilities, from keeping up with friends to meeting strangers and, quite possibly, finding love. But just how much of yourself can – or should – you reveal online? Do those rules change if you’re surfing for a romantic partner?

In this week’s edition of Speak UP! young Nigerians reflect on how social media, and particularly Facebook, impacts their everyday lives. They tackle tricky issues, like what is considered socially appropriate and how best to ensure their personal internet security.

Speak UP! is an audio show in which young Africans discuss thorny social issues without pulling any punches. It is created by a selection of young hosts and producers in Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Rwanda, Nigeria and Kenya, working in partnership with local media organizations and RNW. Each edition of Speak UP! provides YOU with a chance to express yourself – because everybody wants to be heard.

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