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Rihanna after domestic violence  
Rihanna after domestic violence

Domestic violence in Nigeria

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Domestic violence is something that happens all over the world, but in many societies in Africa it’s just swept under the carpet. Should police or neighbors intervene? Or is it a private matter between two individuals? And what role does culture play?

In this week’s edition of Speak Up, young people discuss the different ways of dealing with domestic violence, and Eveline (not her real name) tells the story of her Prince Charming who turned into a monster-in-waiting.

Speak UP! is an audio show in which young Africans discuss thorny social issues without pulling any punches. It is created by a selection of young hosts and producers in Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Rwanda, Nigeria and Kenya, working in partnership with local media organizations and RNW. Each edition of Speak UP! provides YOU with a chance to express yourself – because everybody wants to be heard.

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