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Transgender in Zimbabwe  
Transgender in Zimbabwe

As long as it's out of my sight' Transgender in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwean society, like many parts of Africa, is not very welcoming to lesbians, gays, transgenders, bisexual and intersex people (LGBTIs). Few people have stronger testimony of this than Ricky Nathanson, a transgender woman living in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, who has been prosecuted for using a ladies toilet while being legally considered a man. Many Zimbabweans strongly feel that being anything but heterosexual is unnatural and should not be tolerated, while others feel that one’s sexual orientation should not bother the next person.

In this weeks edition of Speak Up, three young people listen to an intense personal interview with Ricky, and they give their own thoughts about LGBTI issues in their society.

Speak UP! is an audio show in which young Africans discuss thorny social issues without pulling any punches. It is created by a selection of young hosts and producers in Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Rwanda, Nigeria and Kenya, working in partnership with local media organizations and RNW. Each edition of Speak UP! provides YOU with a chance to express yourself – because everybody wants to be heard.

To read more about Ricky's story, click here. And if there’s a topic you’d like to speak up about, get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter!




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