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Sarabi Band: ‘Politicians must walk with the people’

My Song: Sarabi Band, Sheria - Kenya

The anthem-like ‘Sheria’ extols all people to follow the law and together work to build a great nation. And with ‘people’, Sarabi Band include politicians…

The Afro-Fusion Sarabi Band arose from the slums of Kenya in 2005. In Swahili, sarabi means ‘mirage’ – but ‘imagination’, ‘vision’ and ‘creation’. Therefore it’s a fitting name for this activist band.

Their song ‘Sheria’ highlights nationhood, the pride to be a Kenyan citizen and the need for all – no matter who you are and what your position is in the society – to obey the law to build a good and prosperous nation. “Let’s make something beautiful!”

But politicians be warned: even you have to learn to “walk with the people”…

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