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My Song

Ian Kagimbo: AIDS orphan finds his voice

My Song: Ian Kagimbo, Ommanyi - Uganda

Gospel singer Ian Kagimbo was an AIDS orphan. But he ended up finding his inner voice and now uses his music to express his pain of isolation.

Ian Kagimbo is a Ugandan rhythm and blues/soul singer and vocal coach. In this edition of My Song, he talks about 'Ommanyi' ['Lord, you know me'].

Kagimbo was barely 10-years-old when he lost both his parents to AIDS. He and his brothers and sisters found a new home with an aunt and uncle. But a feeling of isolation stayed with him for a long time: “I felt like I was an accident. That I didn’t matter in life.”

But then he began to sing away his pain. And he discovered in the process: “I do matter.”

Listen to his song and his story in this edition of My Song.

Produced by Serginho Roosblad