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Cartoon of the week World Cup: Will Africa be taken seriously?  
World Cup: Will Africa be taken seriously?

World Cup: Will Africa be taken seriously?

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African teams have historically not fared well in the FIFA Football World Cup, with the continent's best ever performance being Cameroon's quarter-final exit in 1990.

Just before the competition started, some people had written off African teams participating in the World Cup. Should they have done so?

In 2001, Glez and fellow cartoonists created the monthly Pan-African satirical Le Marabout. Glez's cartoons are regularly published in Le Journal du Jeudi (Burkina Faso), Vita Magazine (Italy), Afronline (Italy), Chorus (France), World Policy Journal (US), Continental (France-Africa), La Mèche (France), Courrier international (France-Africa) and Jeune Afrique (France-Africa). Glez is a member of the Cartooning for Peace foundation.

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