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Cartoon of the week Want amnesty in the DRC? Get paper-pushing  
Want amnesty in the DRC? Get paper-pushing

Want amnesty in the DRC? Get paper-pushing

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A law on amnesty was recently put in place in the Demorcratic Republic of Congo. Its enactment means a possible halt to the prosecution of some people accused of participating in insurrectional movements. But in order to apply for amnesty, would-be beneficiaries must do a fair amount of administrative work for the Congolese Ministry of Justice. Cartoonist Roland Polman wonders just how effective this approach will prove.

The 23 year old has a law degree and is the founder of, a web magazine that covers Ivorian affairs and looks at world events from an Ivorian perspective. Polman was selected best Ivorian blogger in 2011. 

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