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Cartoon of the week International Day Against Homophobia  
International Day Against Homophobia

International Day Against Homophobia

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Today is International Day Against Homophobia. Every year on May 17, People around the world rally against the discrimination of gays and lesbians. The position of homosexuals worldwide is slowly getting better, but only recently Nigeria and Uganda have toughened up their anti-gay legislation.



In 2001, Glez and fellow cartoonists created the monthly Pan-African satirical Le Marabout. Glez's cartoons are regularly published in Le Journal du Jeudi (Burkina Faso), Vita Magazine (Italy), Afronline (Italy), Chorus (France), World Policy Journal (US), Continental (France-Africa), La Mèche (France), Courrier international (France-Africa) and Jeune Afrique (France-Africa). Glez is a member of the Cartooning for Peace foundation.

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