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Burundi's "phantom weapons"

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In Bujumbura, gunshots are frequent, especially at night. During the day, the Burundian police are searching houses for weapons, but they are finding everything else except the responsible weapons.

The nights in the neighborhoods of Jabe, Cibitoke and Nyakabiga are rarely quiet. This has intensified this past week. Grenades explode,  and the sound of gunfire disturbs the uneasy quiet.

With the first rays of sun, calm returns to the troubled city for just a few hours. Then the police begin their searches.

But the men in uniform seem unable to find any arms, just a few cartridges, cartridge cases, but especially hemp and alcoholic beverages.

Are the police failing in their mission?  Are the gunmen hiding their weapons too well?

Intentional or not, these futile searches are a challenge to ordinary Burundians.

Waza cartoonist Glez imagines the conversations at the police station. 

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