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Sunset at Lake Victoria  
Sunset at Lake Victoria

Goodbye Waza! Hello This is Africa!

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All journeys have to reach an end at some point, and this article marks the official end of the journey for Wazaonline’s publications in English. But, it's not time to be sad, not yet!

The king is dead. Long live the king! The Waza site and facebook page will no longer publish new material, but don’t worry! All your favorite articles will be archived so that you can still return to them when you wish.

You know how they say some endings only mark great new beginnings? They’re right! The work that Wazaonline has been doing in the last years will move to a new home, and we’d like to invite you to join us in the next step of our adventure.

We here at Waza (which is Swahili for: “to think”) believe that African youth have the ideas that are necessary to craft inclusive and open societies, where citizens are free to prosper. They can indeed do something to alter the course of their society and build a different version of the future.

We have enjoyed providing a platform for young Africans across the continent to find and deliver relevant information and opinions about the African continent.

Waza has been a place to seek answers to questions about African identity and heritage, to interrogate the role of young people in the political and governance process, and to figure out what the future holds for our continent. This task is ongoing.

Thus Wazaonline (English) is now merging with, in a strategic partnership to broaden the scope of material and contributors, and to give you even more than what you have come to expect from Africa’s young minds.

If you are a fan of African culture and lifestyle; from food, to music, to fashion, to literature, to politics, join us at our new home, as we take the conversation to the next level.

Check out our new website, and be sure to follow us on facebook and on twitter!