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About Waza

About us

Waza is a web platform where issues concerning young Africans can be openly expressed and discussed without fear of media censorship. Our mission is to facilitate well-informed, multi-perspective conversations around current events or continuing circumstances that may pose a challenge to freedom of expression, human rights, good governance and sexual health in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Waza website, launched in November 2014, and its related social media pages publish independent journalistic content from a network of correspondents across Africa and an editorial team headquartered in the Netherlands. To help innovate, improve and distribute our products, we work with local media partners in the African countries. While we welcome visitors of all ages from all around the world, Waza’s text, image and audio productions are tailored to an audience of 15 to 30 year old in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Followers of Radio Netherlands Worldwide will recognize some Waza channels as original creations by our predecessor, RNW’s Africa Desk. For years, the desk provided an international readership with breaking news, analyses and feature stories from and about the continent and the diaspora. In 2013, when RNW changed its organizational remit , the Africa Desk also refocused its themes and formats to appeal to youth in countries with poor press freedom rankings. A major step in our editorial evolution was the name change – to Waza – and with it have come many improvements to our productions and accessibility.

Abiding by a belief that one person’s freely, fearlessly told narrative can offer insights for universal betterment, we share some favourite Waza words: Your story. Your world.

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